1. Optræder med "Sing Back" og guitar til original Nashville playback musik!
2. Alle numre er i samme takt med original versionen.
3. Alle numre har samme tidslængde som original versionen.
4. I vælger selv hvad I vil danse til fra spille/linedance listerne - et sæt er på 45 min (14-15 numre).
5. I kan endda selv vælge rækkefølgen.
6. Jeres spille/linedance liste mailes til jer i god tid inden arrangementet.


The Tractors numre:
Baby Likes To Rock It: Ghost Train

Willie Nelson numre:
On The Road Again: On The Road Again - Everyday For Love - Speak To The Sky - Poorboy Blues
Good Hearted Woman: Do Wop Be Doo - stroll Along Cha Char - Mexifest
Always On My Mind: Lucky Charm - Need Your Love - Dancin´In The Dark
Crazy: Crazy - Crazy Little Thing

Alan Jackson numre:
It´s Alright To Be A Redneck: Tush Push - D.H.S.S. - Jitterbuggin´
Mercury Blues: Poor Boy Blues - Mercury Blues - Chattahoochee 2
Chattahoochee: Chattahoochee - Eye Candy
Meat And Potato Man: Something In The Water - Livin´ Next Door To Alice
Laid Back "N" Low Key: Lay Back In Low Key - Feeling Kinda Lonely
Tall Tall Trees: I Fool 4 You - Tall Tall Trees - Cowboy Strut - Kick Around
Living On Love: Livin´ On Love - Smokey Places - Start Easy - Smiling Song - Who Did You Call Darling
Don´t Rock The Jukebox: Don´t Rock The Jukebox - Feeling Kinda Lonely
Don´t Even Know Your Name: Hearts And Flowers - Feeling Kinda Lonely
Dixie Highway: City Limits - Cowboy Charleston - Sweet Sweet Smile
It Must Be Love: Big Love - A-B Whirl
Good Time: Good Time - Sko og Støvler
Little Bitty: Slapping Leather - Cowgirl Twist
She Just Started Liking Cheating Songs: Cheatin´ Song - Just A Kiss
Thank God For The Radio: Thank God For The Radio

Billy Currington numre:
People Are Crazy: People Are Crazy
Pretty Good At Drinkin´ Beer: Disappearing Bubbles - Baby Bubbles - Love JoAnn - Drinkin´ Beer

Tracy Byrd numre:
I´m From The Country: Cut-A-Rug - It´s A Country Thing - Poorboy Blues
The Truth About Men: Hooked Up - Good Old Boys

Ricky Nelson numre:
Garden Party: Rose Garden - The Freeze - Black Coffee

Creedens Clear Water Revival numre:
Bad Moon Rising: Bad Moon Rising - Cowgirls Twist

Billy Ray Cyrus numre:
Achy Breaky Heart: Mama´s Pearls - Ruby Baby

George Strait numre:
I Just Want To Dance With You: Whispering Your Name - Diamond Dixie - Something In The Water - Good Day To Run
The Fireman: Stand On It - TLC - Come Dance With Me
One Night At The Time: Just A Kiss - Broen Heart - Caballero - Mini Cabellero
Honk If You Honky Tonk: Tush Push - Crazy Little Thing - Honky Tonk - Honky Tonk Stomp

Toby Keith numre:
Beer For My Horses: Beer For My Horses - It´s Easy
I Love This Bar: Crusin´- Stroll Along Cha Cha - I Love You In A Barrel - Mini Barrel
Cabo San Lucas: Cabo San Lucas - Cha Cha One - First Cha
The Size I Wear - Stand Back John - Blue Note

Kenny Rodgers numre:
The Gamble: Country 2 Step - Honky Tonk Stomp - Ghost Train

Randy Travis numre:
Forever And Ever Amen: Forever Dance - Mini Mariana

Don Williams numre:
You´re My Best Friend: Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot - Come Dance With Me
Some Broken Hearts Never Mend: Combia Rhythmn - Naughty But Nice - Cowboy Charleston

Chris Le Doux numre:
Copenhagen: Sweet Sweet Smile